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There are a couple of different reasons why we might recommend teeth extraction at our Nottingham clinic. This could be for crowded mouths, in preparation for orthodontic treatment. It can also be because of an infection. For example, if a tooth has decayed or is damaged.

During the dental extraction procedure the dentist will inject anaesthetic to numb the area. This will be a strong anaesthetic which will prevent any pain throughout the procedure. After the anaesthetic has been admitted your dentist will then extract the tooth, or teeth, depending on you individual requirements. This is nothing to worry about. Our dentists here at Zenith Nottingham are all experienced professionals.

Why choose Zenith for tooth extractions?

  • Award winning Dental team
  • Tailored treatment plan that takes into account your desired result, your time availability and your budget
  • Latest dental equipment and techniques
  • Fully Covid safe and secure
  • Range of payment options available
  • Convenient Nottingham City Centre location
  • Free parking
  • Registered with the Quality Care Commission (CQC)
  • Full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM)
  • 0% finance available


After tooth removal, it will take around 5-14 days for the initial healing period.

In this time your gums and bone will grow into the gap.

Our expert dentists in Nottingham will numb your mouth and gums with a local anaesthetic before teeth extraction. You shouldn’t feel any sort of pain when having a tooth extracted. You may feel a slight pressure, which is completely normal.

There isn’t a limit with tooth extraction. At Zenith Cosmetic Dentistry in Nottingham, your dentist will inform you what they feel you need during your consultation.

Yes, absolutely. At Zenith Dental in Nottingham, our dentists are qualified to perform tooth removal for any reason.

Maximising affordability

0% Finance Available

Patients are often concerned about the affordability of their treatment. To help with this concern we provide flexible payment plans to suit your budget.

We can offer six months 0% interest options for any dental procedure over the value of £2500. Interest bearing options are also available if you wish to spread your payments over a longer period of up to 5 years.

Please contact a member of the Zenith team on 0115 959 6999 for further information or click the link below.

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