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Depending upon the condition of your teeth, teeth whitening will have a different effect on each individual’s teeth. Because of this, it’s important to speak to our Nottingham dental team to discuss what you would like to achieve, so we can advise the best course of action for you.

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that is very common in the UK. Teeth whitening is also known as teeth bleaching and is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure used to give you a natural, whiter smile and often forms part of a smile makeover. Over time, our teeth can become victims to various food, drink and smoking habits so many people use whitening techniques to bring their pearly whites back to life. Get in touch with our team here at the Zenith teeth whitening clinic, and book a consultation with our teeth whitening dentist in Nottingham to see the options we have available.

Are you ready for teeth whitening?

It’s estimated that this year more than 250,000 UK people will have their teeth whitened.

If this is a dental treatment you are considering, then no doubt you have a shed load of questions. Of course you will get a chance to ask your dentist at your white teeth clinic consultation, but many of us like to know things in advance.

We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions regarding tooth whitening to give you an insight before your appointment.

Who is teeth whitening suitable for?

The best thing about teeth whitening is that it is such a popular and simple procedure, that anyone can benefit from. Our Zenith teeth whitening dentist in Nottingham will develop a bespoke bleaching plan for each of client, in order to maximise the whitening potential of your teeth, something that we can talk about during your initial consultation. We use the best teeth whitening system on the market, called Enlighten. This system guarantees the lightest, most natural shade of white combined with a safe and simple technique that achieves amazing results every time. If you want a brighter, whiter smile Teeth Whitening is the best option for you.

How is the whitening process carried out?

The initial teeth whitening consultation and treatment will take place at our first class facility, located in the heart of Nottingham. We will develop a personalised treatment plan that’s customised for you, and designed around your dream smile.

We offer 2 types of tooth whitening: teeth whitening at home and teeth whitening in-surgery. As the names suggest, one is home-based and the other is here at our Nottingham teeth whitening clinic. Or, you can have both systems combined if you really want that extra boost and “wow” factor!

Teeth Whitening At Home

Initially, moulds will be taken of your teeth here at our Nottingham teeth whitening clinic. From these, custom made whitening trays will be constructed by the dental laboratory. On your next visit we will check the fit of the trays and provide full instructions on how to use the whitening gel.

Trays are to be worn overnight. Patients will return later to review and assess results.

Teeth Whitening In-Clinic

After patients complete the above Home Whitening Session, they will take part in an in-surgery whitening procedure for an hour, where we will use a higher strength gel in controlled conditions. Results are better as we are able to use differing strengths.

Why choose Zenith for teeth whitening, Nottingham?

  • Award winning Dental team
  • Tailored treatment plan that takes into account your desired result, your time availability and your budget
  • Latest dental equipment and techniques
  • Fully Covid safe and secure
  • Range of payment options available
  • Convenient City Centre location
  • Free parking
  • Registered with the Quality Care Commission (CQC)
  • Full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM)
  • 0% finance available


Whitening toothpastes undoubtedly help, and will clean your teeth better than ordinary toothpastes. But what many people don’t realise is that tooth enamel is layered, like skin. A toothpaste can only clean the top layer and cannot penetrate any deeper. If the discolouration has taken place over a long period of time, such as with smokers for example, the discolouration will be deep set through several layers of enamel. And no toothpaste is going to remove that.

Absolutely! Your teeth whitening dentist at Zenith Nottingham will go through all the options open to you and assess the level of whitening needed to greatly enhance your smile while still looking perfectly natural. You will be amazed at how many shades are available when it comes to tooth whitening. And whether your teeth move up 3 shades or 12, you will be left with a beautiful smile that looks natural.

At our private teeth whitening clinic in Nottingham, we use professional, high-grade products used under the care of our dentist to minimise any risks.

You can be confident we’re using the best teeth whitening practices. However, some individuals do suffer from slight side effects, such as sensitivity, but these are only temporary. We offer any de sensitising products to use alongside our procedures.

Our teeth whitening dentist in Nottingham will discuss with you any concerns you may have, and the results that you want to achieve in order to give you the smile that you want.

This discussion will be part of a consultation before we undertake any treatment. Our whitening system guarantees the whiter shade in teeth colour scale in 97% of cases and within 2 weeks of starting the procedure.

If you’re hoping to achieve a more flawless, brighter and whiter smile then teeth whitening with Enlighten is most definitely the treatment for you.

Generally, teeth whitening results last up to 24 months post-treatment.

Essentially, if your oral hygiene is excellent and you look after your teeth by brushing regularly, avoiding smoking and food and drink that can stain easily, then teeth whitening can last for a good couple of years. You can top up your whitening at any time by keeping your custom made whitening trays and purchasing additional whitening gels from us at any time.

The cost of teeth whitening comes down to your specific requirements and which system you would be happy with. Get in touch with our teeth whitening dentist in Nottingham for your consultation, where we can discuss the procedure and pricing in further detail with you.

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Maximising affordability

0% Finance Available

Patients are often concerned about the affordability of their treatment. To help with this concern we provide flexible payment plans to suit your budget.

We can offer six months 0% interest options for any dental procedure over the value of £2500. Interest bearing options are also available if you wish to spread your payments over a longer period of up to 5 years.

Please contact a member of the Zenith team on 0115 959 6999 for further information or click the link below.

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