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At Zenith Dental Clinic in Nottingham, we specialise in offering single and multiple dental implants as a reliable, functional and transformative solution for missing teeth. Our team provides comprehensive care, aiming to restore your smile and give you confidence.

Through state-of-the-art technology and years of expertise, we focus on delivering high quality dental implant procedures tailored to your unique needs. We provide you with kindness and care like we would our family and friends.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants, available at our Nottingham clinic, are titanium screws that serve as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth (or multiple teeth).

Our implants, carefully placed into the jawbone, can fuse seamlessly with the bone structure due to the biocompatible properties of titanium. This fusion creates a strong foundation for the replacement tooth (or teeth), ensuring stability and functionality, just as natural teeth provide.

For more than three decades, tooth implants have been used successfully – with a current success rate of 90-95%. These implants offer a safe, proven, and reliable solution for tooth replacement, enabling patients to regain their confidence and enjoy an improved quality of life.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Cosmetic dental implants can be placed in either the upper or lower jaws, to replace just one tooth, all your teeth, or any amount in between. As anchor points, dental implants can also securely attach a denture.

The dental implant process here at our Nottingham clinic involves several steps, taking place over the course of around three to twelve months on average. The typical tooth implant process will include:

  • Initial implant placement: Conducted at our Nottingham surgery under local anaesthetic, the first step involves the precise placement of single or multiple dental implants into your jaw. Over the following months, the bone integrates with the tooth implant surface, firmly anchoring it in place.
  • Second Stage: Depending on your individual case, an additional minor procedure may be necessary to create an access point/opening through which your abutment for an artificial tooth (crown) will emerge.
  • Final stages: During these phases, if you are having crowns or bridges on your implants, your dentist will attach an impression post to the Dental Implants. A simple impression is then taken, and 2-3 weeks, the final restoration—whether a crown or bridge—will be ready from the laboratory for fitting. Alternatively, if a denture is being retained by implants, you will usually have new dentures made, with the final retentive attachments included in the new denture.

*At Zenith we are ever involving the technology of our equipment therefore; some stages are done digitally thus providing the utmost accuracy*

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What Are The Benefits of Teeth Implants?

Dental implants at our Nottingham clinic offer an effective solution for those with tooth loss or in need of any kind of dental restoration.

Loose dentures can be frustrating and debilitating. Implant retained prosthetic teeth eliminate the need for unsupported dentures that can cause discomfort and dietary limitations. And, unlike traditional bridges requiring the drilling of healthy teeth, tooth implants provide a non-invasive, permanent restoration that, with proper care, ensures years of confident smiles and hassle-free eating.

  • Enhanced Stability
  • Preserved Oral Health
  • Confidence to Smile and Eat Freely
  • Long-Term Solution

Experience the transformation with Dental Implants at our Nottingham clinic, and start your journey towards a restored smile.


The procedure is performed with the patient under Local Anaesthetic for optimal comfort.


You will be able to see the final results of your Dental Implants from 3 months after the initial procedure.


Our Dental Implants are built to last, and you will see around 10+ years wear from your Zenith Dental Implants.

Procedure Time

Procedure times for dentistry can vary, but at Zenith, we estimate that each Dental Implant treatment session takes 90-120 minutes.

Recovery Time

There will be around 24+ hours downtime after your Dental Implant procedure in Nottingham.

Why Choose Zenith Cosmetic Clinics for Dental Implants in Nottingham?

Cosmetic Dental Implants revolutionise your smile and eating experience, providing a stable, reliable solution. At Zenith Dental Clinics, our team tailors the implant procedure to your unique requirements, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

Award winning dental team

Latest dental equipment and techniques

CQC-regulated for a safe medical environment

Convenient Nottingham City Centre location & free parking

24/7 accessible aftercare support for patients' comfort and reassurance

Generous loyalty points

99% patient satisfaction rates

No hidden charges -0% and other finance options available

Dental Implants Before and After

Client Testimonials

Hear from our valued clients, and learn more about their experiences with Dental Implants at Zenith Dental Clinics.

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Dental Implants Patient Journey


At Zenith, your journey starts with a tailored consultation in Nottingham. We delve into your dental needs, discussing treatment options and ensuring you're informed and confident about Dental Implants. Our goal is to craft a precise treatment plan for your unique smile transformation.


With the Dental Implant process at Zenith, we focus on precision and personalised care. Using advanced techniques, and with the patient under Local Anaesthetic, our Nottingham team places implants securely, anchoring your new teeth while keeping your comfort in mind.


After implant placement, our team provides thorough guidance for healing and implant integration. Personalised instructions on oral hygiene and follow-up visits in Nottingham ensure your smile's long-term health. We're dedicated to supporting your journey to a confident new smile.

What Is the Cost of Dental Implants in Nottingham, UK?

An initial consultation with one of our dentists starts at £212. A single Dental Implant will cost around £2,500. Please contact our clinic for a custom quote, and to find out more about costs for multiple Dental Implants.

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