Composite Bonding – Social Media’s Favourite Dental Treatment

Composite bonding has been around for decades, however, in recent times, the treatment has seen a huge spike in popularity.

Composite bonding offers a non-invasive, convenient, and effective way to improve the appearance of teeth. The treatment has become one of the hottest online trends with famous faces and influencers around the world regularly showing off their composite bonding transformations.

When you explore the various ways in which composite bonding can enhance a person’s smile, it becomes apparent why this treatment has become such a global sensation!

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What Is Composite Bonding?

Dental composite is a synthetic material, which is used in dentistry for restorative purposes. Composite bonding involves a composite resin being attached to a tooth to enhance its appearance or restore its original appearance. Additionally, the shape and colour of the resin are designed to completely match teeth surrounding teeth, creating a natural appearance!

5 Problems That You Can Overcome With Composite Bonding!

When people think about composite bonding, they often forget just how versatile this treatment is. Here are some dental issues that can be addressed and resolved with the help of this wonderful treatment.

Chipped Teeth

Composite resins can be intricately sculpted to a desired shape and then bonded to the teeth to help fill in chipped and cracked areas with extreme precision. The resins also blend right in with the rest of your teeth.

Misshapen Teeth

Composite Bonding can address misshapen teeth through strategically applying the composite material to specific areas. This helps to build of the structure of teeth and match them to the shape of surrounding teeth.

Crooked Teeth

People often don’t realise that this is something that composite bonding can address! For those with slightly crooked teeth, composite bonding offers a way to hide misaligned teeth by strategically attaching composite resins to certain areas.

Gaps and Spaces

For those who want to address small gaps between teeth, composite bonding offers a great way to fill these gaps whilst maintaining a completely natural look! This is one of the most popular reasons for having composite bonding treatment.

Discoloured/Stained Teeth

Some teeth stains such as deeply intrinsic stains can be really difficult to shift. This is where composite bonding can come in handy! The composite resins can be attached to teeth in a way which conceals discoloured areas.

It’s also important to consider composite resin cannot be whitened, therefore, it’s recommended that any teeth whitening procedures are undertaken prior to composite bonding treatment.

Composite Bonding At Zenith Dental, Nottingham

At our clinic, we have an incredible team of exceptionally talented and highly experienced dentists who cover a wide range of treatments. Your composite bonding journey would start with an initial consultation in which you’ll be able to discuss your target outcomes in depth. During this consultation, a dental examination will also be carried out by one of our lovely dentists. Following the initial consultation, a plan of action can be determined.

Interested in transforming your smile with composite bonding? Give us a call on 0115 959 6999.

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