Your smile is a way to connect with the wonderful world around you.

With it being such an influential feature, how you feel about your smile can also play a big role in your level of self-esteem. A dental issue that can cause people to feel significant concern is having missing teeth. When it comes to restoration methods for missing teeth, Dental Implants are the strongest option.

Dental Implant surgery is an extremely reliable way to overcome the dilemma of missing teeth and restore your smile! In this blog, we’ll be exploring what exactly it is, who it’s suitable for, the impact that it can have on your life and what the Zenith Dental Implant experience is all about!

So, What Is A Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a titanium screw that is fixed into the jawbone to replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Once fitted, the bone surrounding the implant will begin to fuse to it, helping the implant to become firmly secured. A false tooth, which may be a crown or denture, is then fitted at the top of the implant.

Dental Implants are a fantastic way to provide a long-term, discreet and very effective solution to missing or failing teeth.

Is Dental Implant Surgery The Right Option For You?

If you have missing teeth and are looking for a solution, Dental Implant Surgery is ideal for you. However, there are more factors to consider and in order to be a good Dental Implant candidate, you should have the following characteristics:

Sufficient jawbone structure/size

As Dental Implants are fitted into the jawbone, sufficient jawbone structure and size are required to provide the Implant with sufficient support.

Some people don’t have sufficient jawbone size or structure, meaning that an implant is unable to be supported naturally. However, if this you, don’t fret! – This can be overcome through a supporting treatment (such as a bone graft or a sinus lift) that’s undertaken prior to the implant being placed.

Healthy gums

Health gums can provide strong support and strength to a Dental Implant. Therefore, it’s important that the gum health of prospective patients is of a good level.

Fully grown

So, this one may be a bit obvious. Once fitted, a Dental Implant will be placed in the jawbone permanently. If a patient is still growing and their bones are still developing, Dental Implant surgery is not a good option due to the nature of how it works.

Not an excessive drinker or smoker

The chances of Dental Implant surgery having a successful outcome can be hugely reduced by smoking. This is due to smoking being a destructive activity for the Dental Implant healing process. Excessive drinking is also damaging for oral health and can significantly hold back a patient’s development during a Dental Implant treatment.

How Can Dental Implants Change Your Life?

With missing or failing teeth comes a long list of difficult problems, from the physical discomfort of eating to the emotional struggle of reduced self-esteem. However, Dental Implants can put a stop to all of that, let’s take a look at the amazing benefits they can offer:


When a false tooth is added to the top of an implant, it will be designed to perfectly match the size, shape and colour of surrounding teeth. This creates absolute discretion as well as a truly natural appearance.

Dental functioning/comfort

What’s even more amazing is that as Dental Implants are secured so effectively and firmly into the jawbone, they feel and work exactly like real teeth! The function lost through missing/failing teeth is completely restored by Dental implants!


As we mentioned at the start of this blog, our smile is a way to connect with the wide world around us. With this being said, Dental Implant surgery can not only restore a complete smile but also the confidence that we have in our smile! Dental Implants can help you to eat, talk and laugh with comfort and confidence again!

Permanent and long-lasting

Dental Implants are permanently and securely placed into the jawbone, and overtime, they become even more secure as they fuse to surrounding bone. There is no need to take anything out! Furthermore, with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

Prevents bone loss


A harmful side-effect attached to tooth loss is the loss of bone mass around the missing tooth. Through having a Dental Implant, a process called osseointegration is stimulated. This can help to prevent future bone loss.

Dental Implant Surgery At Zenith Dental 

The Zenith Dental Implant journey involves assessments, interactive discussions and exceptional patient care prior, during and after treatments.

Alongside this, all consultations and treatment plans are designed and delivered with patient care, needs and preferences being key driving factors.

If you are interested in booking a consultation with our Implantologist, call us on 0115 959 6999.

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